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How to write a CV

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​Present a clear and concise CV containing relevant information laid out in a logical manner.

Remember that the reader will tend to scan the document at first and will want to find the important information easily and quickly.

At the head of the CV give your personal details including full name, address, telephone numbers and email. Below this should be inserted your academic achievements, where they were obtained and the grades achieved. Follow this with experience gained at work with the latest/current employment first, name of employer, position(s) held, duties and responsibilities.

It is important that you give the reader a clear impression of the range and variety of work that you have handled and an insight into your actual experience. You will appreciate that people doing similar sorts of jobs for similar lengths of time may well have handled very different cases in very different circumstances and so their actual experience will not be the same.

Identify achievements and successes in each role and give an indication of the types of client you dealt with. Be positive in tone.

If you have been involved in marketing, business development and promotional activities these should be recorded since they are often of great interest to a prospective employer.

If there are any gaps in employment give a brief explanation in the appropriate place.

As a guide, we suggest a CV should be 2 – 4 pages long.

When the CV is received by Bewley Recruitment we will discuss its contents in order that we have a clear understanding of your capabilities and achievements so that we can confidently recommend you.

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