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Interview Guide

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An interview is an occasion when your personal presentational skills are as important as your knowledge and experience.

Make sure that you arrive punctually, that you are smart and well turned out.

You must prepare carefully and well. Research the firm. Bewley Recruitment will provide basic information about the firm, provide maps to the location and give the names of the people with whom the interview will take place. However, you, the candidate, must make yourself familiar with their size, profile and reputation so that you are clear in your own mind as to how you view the firm. Much information can be gained from the traditional directories or by using the internet. Put yourself in a position to ask and answer questions about the firm and how it works. Review and know your C.V. and be able to discuss it confidently.

Think about questions that you may be asked to establish your technical knowledge relevant to the position for which you are being interviewed. Be prepared also to answer technical questions of a general rather than specific nature. At the interview itself, try to be at ease. Remember that the interviewer needs to fill the vacancy successfully and so should be prepared to answer your questions and provide information. Take time to think about the question before answering. Try to be concise. If possible and appropriate, try to illustrate your answer with a related and successful instance in your experience.

You must be completely honest.

At the end of the interview, establish the next stage and the timescale.

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