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New shared banking hubs to open in 13 more places

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​Another 13 locations have been earmarked for shared banking hubs in areas where the last branch has closed.

A swathe of branch closures have raised concerns about access to cash for those who need it, and difficulties for small businesses trying to deposit takings.

Ten other areas were previously identified, but the doors have yet to open on any of their new hubs.

Ministers have prepared legislation to ensure people can access cash locally, while experts say hubs are not enough.

"Cash is disappearing at a frightening rate, and so are ATMs and branches and it is not acceptable to leave communities without access to cash," John Howells, chief executive of Link - which is the biggest interbank network in the UK - told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"There is real investment and effort going in by the banks now…But now that pace needs to be picked up," he added.

New shared banking hubs to open in 13 more places - BBC News

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