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Digital Legacy – What is it and why is it important?

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​A subject that most of us never think about, our client has written this informative blog.

Gone are the days when the only things that people needed to include in their Wills were the money they had in the bank and any property they owned. In an increasingly digital world, we’re storing more and more important data in the Cloud, leaving us as Wills & Probate solicitors having to consider an important question; What happens to people’s social media accounts and digital assets after they die?

There are now 48.5 million Facebook users in the UK, 20 per cent of whom are over the age of 55. 31.2 million people are signed up to LinkedIn and over 17 million engage on Twitter. And that’s not including the 28.8 million on Instagram!

We clearly invest lots of emotional energy in documenting our lives online and our social media accounts are the modern-day equivalent of photo albums and personal journals. It’s no wonder then that many people find reading through the posts on a deceased relative’s social media account to be a great source of comfort as they remember their life. But what’s the best way to manage those accounts when that relative is gone?

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