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Is Divorce Day a Real Thing?

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​An interesting article by one of our clients.

We are at that time of the year where the term “divorce day” is being used in the media rather a lot. There have always been recognised peaks and troughs in enquiries about divorce. The peaks tend to follow holiday periods such as the start of September (following the summer holidays), after Easter and, most notably, after the Christmas break.

Christmas tends to really exacerbate relationship problems. Financial worries, close extended proximity inside with partners and family, plus excess alcohol can really ratchet up the negative pressures within a relationship. The relentless barrage of images of perfect families and jovial people on TV can also serve as a reminder of what the festive period is apparently supposed to be about.

The rather gloomy January period that follows Christmas and the arrival of the first credit card bills in January can often act as a catalyst for action from one partner, or another, within a relationship.

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