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Age diversity in the future workforce, potentiality and growth

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​The workplace is constantly changing — and at a rate that has never been witnessed before. The demographic and technological developments have accelerated in recent years, resulting in shortages for many organisations, as well as changes in the nature of employment and how businesses work.

In light of these changes, developing the proper employer techniques and approaches to use the full potential of an all-age workforce will be a strategic goal for every organisation, large or small.

Prior to the Covid pandemic, over one-third of UK employees were over the age of 50. However, the over 50s have been among the most impacted by the pandemic, with 175,000 extra 50–64-year-olds out of work since March 2020, increasing the total to 340,000[1]. Even though older workers constitute a third of the workforce, they often face several challenges in keeping or returning to work.

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