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Happiness in the legal sector

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​Happiness in the legal sector

In the 2022 Law360 Pulse Lawyer Satisfaction Survey, Fisher Phillips listed a number of categories that make employees happy, including "pay, billable hours and possibilities for growth.

Due to a rise in demand for lawyers, wages at large law firms have lately risen dramatically. According to City AM, as of January 2022, a freshly qualified solicitor in Milbank's London office may expect to earn $215,000 per year. While bigger salaries could be intended to lead to happiness, the truth, on the other hand, is a little more subtle. Working hours are escalating with the average end time for the day being 11.28pm in 2021[3] up from 9.46pm in 2020[4]. Burnout and mental health concerns in the legal profession appear to be on the rise, clearly, law firms are feeling the heat.

When talking about happiness, well-being is an important factor. To manage heavy workloads, a lack of sleep appears to be the norm, and the high-pressure climate may lead to anxiety and other mental health difficulties. The worst-case scenario is a full mental collapse or burnout, which does not happen to all lawyers but appears to be more prevalent in the legal sector.

Written by: Anthon Linton, Recruitment Account Manager, The Law Society Gazette Jobs

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