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Are Locums changing the way they work?

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Traditionally our clients have used locum solicitors/lawyers for holiday cover, sickness, increased workload, or maternity cover.

Recently several clients have been in the position where they require a locum for a few days a month to cover cases they would normally not handle or require a consultant’s advice. This enables them to have a portfolio of law firms they work for a few days each month.

This way of working for the locum is becoming more attractive as the majority of the work can be completed from home, reducing travel and time spent away from home. Most locums comment on the cost of accommodation especially in the summer months so the ability to work from home has added attraction.

We also find that candidates move into the locum market as they want to take more time to go travelling, or to spend on other personal interests, or to spend with their families. For example, a number of candidates work as locums as it gives them the opportunity to work for a period of time each year and then take a few months off, whilst not hugely impacting their take-home pay.


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