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Football fans warned to beware of fake ticket scams

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​Football fans have been urged to be wary of ticket scams.

Fraudsters are using social media to offer fake tickets and trick unsuspecting victims out of their cash - the average loss is £410, according to Lloyds Bank.

The fans pay by bank transfer, which offers no protection to consumers.

If you can't pay by credit or debit card, "that's a big red flag that you're about to get scammed," the bank warned.

Cases of the scams climbed by more than two-thirds between January and June, according to Lloyds Bank data.

This surge was because fraudsters took advantage of people desperate to attend live events after Covid restrictions ended.

But the bank warned that the start of the Premier League season this weekend could see another surge in the scams.

It said criminals target the biggest games which are already sold out - such as matches between the top six clubs in England, European games and internationals matches.

With major events such as cup finals, Lloyds Bank said it had seen victims losing as much as £2,000.

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